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Latest reviews for The Hidden Homestead 5/5.0 stars (14 reviews)

Absolutely PERFECT! Venue PERFECT! Decorations PERFECT! lightning PERFECT! Sound system PERFECT! Working with Scott Skaggs PERFECT! My son wanted to give his new wife the wedding of her dreams! Of course he didn’t know where to start! By the grace of God they booked The Hidden Homestead with Scott Skaggs. He was amazing to work with! He is a true professional! Scott offered tons of knowledge and experiences to guide them through the entire process! He had a list of experts specializing in Catering, DJ’s, photographers not to mention all the table linings, tons of decorations that made the entire day picture perfect!
My daughter was married the last weekend in July. Scott and Mindy are wonderful to work with and the barn was very cool. Mindy does a great job of organizing the wedding party and Scott takes a ton of pictures. I highly recommend The Hidden Homestead, it is a beautiful property and venue.
We got married at the hidden homestead on July 7th, 2018. We could not be happier with this venue!!!!! It was absolutely beautiful! And, even though it was July, the venue was nice and cool. Not only was the venue itself amazing, but Scott is absolutely amazing as well. He was extremely helpful with table arrangements, decorations, and the absolutely stunning arbor. Whenever we contacted him with a question, his response was quick and helpful.
We were absolutely ecstatic with the price of the venue (very affordable) and loved that the tables, chairs, table cloths, and decorations came included!!!!!
Again, we absolutely loved the Hidden Homestead and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a beautiful venue with outstanding service for a very reasonable price.
My daughter chose The Hidden Homestead because it offered the atmosphere that she was wanting for her wedding. Scott Skaggs was great to work with and made it easy to put her wedding together.
Beautiful place for a wedding!!!! We booked it before it was finished and didn't regret it! My daughter fell in love with the place at first sight!
And he has about any decorations you could think of included. I would recommend it to anyone!
Loved it!!!!
As a father of the bride.. The guy that paid for it, I will say Scott is a man of his word and great to to deal with. No hidden cost and no surprises went just the way we agreed.
The hidden homestead seriously made my little girl dreams come true. This Venue is magical, peaceful, absolutely beautiful, and so fun! Scott and his wife are darling and really do whatever it takes to make your day perfect! There are so many decorations that can be used and he is so accommodating! Even if he doesn't have a date available that you want... it's totally worth the wait!! I promise!
Absolutely breathtaking Venue for a wedding! Scott is amazing to work with and very informative. After booking you will not need to look any further. Weddings can be overwhelming but he has all the information you will need to put your mind at ease.
Updated review: I wrote the above review before our wedding. Now I don't feel as though my review did the hidden homestead (Scott) Justice. You will not find any greater venue. I was amazed how beautiful our wedding turned out to be it was like being in your own fairytale. With that said I want to say that Scott along with his wife are the sweetest most generous individuals you'll ever have the pleasure of booking with. I felt like they were part of the wedding party, like friends and family. We were treated so kind. The wedding is over but the feeling I have from the venue and the people involved will be everlasting. I'm hopeful I can return to this venue for a vowel renewal years from now (that would be awesome). He's definitely made clients for life. We can't get married everyday but he'll be my go to photographer for any future needs I may have. His venue, his photography is beyond amazing but this guy is someone that any bride and groom would love to work along side of for their special day. Thank you Scott for a lifetime of memories and thank you for being a part of it.
I am very pleased with our choice to get married at this location! Scott was very good to work with and he was always willing to please! Our main concern was the weather. But a wedding here in January with 15 degree weather was perfect! Scott made sure everyone stayed very warm, and actually had heat installed! Which is a huge plus! Several of the surrounding barns did not have heat, so that played part in our decision as well! I couldn't be any happier with how everything g turned out!
My daughter got married at The Hidden Homestead June 2017. We found it online by the grace of God! Scott thought and did everything possible to make her special day the best it could be. He helped us and gave us suggestions and even asked us before he would use extra things from all of his decorations to make it so beautiful and perfect. No words can even begin to describe what an amazing person he is. Truly he is so kind, patient and willing to help you every way possible. You will not regret booking and hosting your event with Scott. I know we will cherish the memories for a lifetime!!!
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