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Inside The Barn

You will be able to enjoy dancing, socializing, and preparing yourself for the wedding inside our spacious barn.
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A Night To Remember

I offer discounts and perks if you rent the Hidden Homestead and book me as your wedding photographer.
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Wedding Centerpieces

Have a look at our broad array of wedding decorations that you can have at your disposal!
Wedding Decorations
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The Wooded Wedding

Our lovely trees become the backdrop for your wedding day to create magical photo opportunities.
Wooded Wedding Photo Gallery
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Wedding Preparation

Learn more about what options we have for you!
Wedding Decorations
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Our Fire Pit

Walking to the new fire pit, you may notice that the concrete is stamped to resemble old wooden boards to be more atmospheric.
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Wedding Barn Balcony

Beautiful Balcony on the front of the barn.

The Venue

We are offering 4 different venues for a wedding ceremony. We have the Archway, (which it and the Gazebo are both lakeside), inside the Barn and my favorite, the Wooded Ceremony. It is a ceremony inside the woods lit with beautiful rope and string lighting with a chandelier or two dropped in.

The Barn

The Barn has nearly 4000 sq feet that have endless opportunities for beautiful wedding photos. Off the back of the barn is a 16 x 58 foot lighted courtyard with beautiful stamped and stained concrete with a 25 foot porch covering using the same massive 8x8 posts that you will find inside the barn. The barn comes supplied with a mixture of 6' round and rectangle tables and white chairs and also linens if needed. Other decorating accessories are also available.

The Gazebo

The Gazebo is another beautiful spot just a few feet from the lake and very near the fountain and dock. It is a beautiful, black powder coated steel lighted gazebo that you can decorate as you see fit. A chandelier can be supplied to hang in the middle of it if requested. Also available is LED rope lighting. The benches can be set up in different arrangements for your personalized needs.

The Archway

The Archway is behind the barn and is connected by a 36 foot long sidewalk extending from the back of the lighted courtyard out toward the lake to another concrete pad with a large arch on it for the ceremony spot. Supplied for all the outside weddings are beautiful custom made, dark stained benches. The bride can walk right out of the barn, onto the courtyard and down the sidewalk to get married and never touch grass or dirt. You will be able to decorate the arch with whatever you wish as well as the grounds.

The Wooded Wedding

The Wooded Wedding is my personal favorite. The trees will all have beautiful LED rope lighting with other white lights strung from tree to tree. The bride will walk into the wooded area through an iron archway, down a path through the trees, and to a central location where the ceremony will happen. The wooden benches can be placed in a circle making the couple the center piece of the ceremony and all of your guests will be able to hear what's said. A chandelier will also be able to be hung over the wedding party. This will have breathtaking photography possibilities.